Coming to the GREEN VENUE at the 2012 Orlando International Fringe Festival.

Getting to know yourself is a blessing. The next offering from Rake Theater, a spectacle of movement, text, images, and martial arts.


Sat. 5/19- 3:00pm

Sun. 5/20- 1:15pm


Sat. 5/26- 11:30am

Sun. 5/27- 8:00pm

Co-produced with The Movement Project. Florida based dancers/choreographers and teachers, Diana Mighdoll Hoffmaster and Kathryn White Austin, who have been working for the past two years developing a new dance collective titled The Movement Project. The mission is a dance organization that serves both educational and professional performance projects for dancers and choreographers who are interested in the collaborative process of developing new work.

Performers include: Kimberly Patterson, Alyson Innes, Michelle Williams, Greg Williams, Sam Innes, Christopher Hudspeth, Jessica Watson


Many, many thanks to Stephan Tell, for his karate photos:


Taiko drumming by Fushu Daiko (

Songs include: Volcano, Suwatte, Yatai Bayashi, Taiko Immigrants

Since 1990, Fushu Daiko has been training in the art of Taiko, a musical art form that builds on a 2600+ year old tradition of Japanese drumming.

Their music combines the traditional drums and rhythms of Japan with musical styles from around the world, such as jazz and rhythm and blues, to create an exciting, powerful cross-cultural experience that strives to cross boundaries and connect cultures.